Hotel Europa - Espetáculo internacional de Teatro Fórum

Hotel Europa

A Forum Theatre Play challenging the current ideology
and creating a space to explore what a different Europe could look like.

The play | Hotel Europa

Inspired by the events of the European crisis of the last few years, Hotel Europa brings together an international cast from seven European countries to develop a Forum Theatre play about it. For two years, the cast worked and learned together exploring and understanding all themes connected to the European crisis.
The play tells the story of a middle-class family, affected by the austerity measures imposed by governments and the accompanying striving for more profit from an unreformed banking sector. Examining the historical foundations of the current crisis, the piece invites the audience to ask themselves how we can challenge a neo-liberal ideology whilst living inside a society based on these principles. What would a different future for Europe look like?

The Characters

Hotel Europa is an ensemble piece with actors and actresses playing different characters throughout. The play is told from the point of view of AOIO, a young middle class man, whose parents own and run Hotel Europa. AOIO is an activist, who tries to persuade his parents that the anti-capitalist ideology that he protests for on the streets is possible to be recreated in their hotel. This central storyline is supported by other characters, who help to illuminate the context of this struggle - workers, capitalist, banker, media, politician, police, protesters - as well as those directly involved with the specific story such as AOIO's mother and father, hotel workers, banker and customers. The piece is also supported by two musicians who play live music on the stage. AOIO, as an activist tries to persuade his parents that the anti-capitalist ideology that he protests for on the streets is possible to create in their hotel. "

What is the TOgether network?

The TOgether network is the result of the successful implementation of the training program of the TOgether qualification project. The network is a partnership between experienced practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed from Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scotland and Spain. It counted also with the external evaluation of the Bologna University. The training program intended to overcome the shortage of continued and more structured qualification of the various techniques of the Theater of the Oppressed method. It also aimed to stimulate the groundwork for the transformation of reality through formation of, and exchange between TO community Through the dynamic of reflection-production-reflection, participants of TOgether project improvee their training as practitioners (artists-activists) of the Method of the Theatre of the Oppressed, ratifying with it their commitment to fight for the transformation of reality in their local initiatives and advance the aesthetic work in their artistic productions of the community groups.

Getting to know the TOgether network

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